Film reviews


“Well worth seeing.” (stern, 6 October 2011)


“An impressive biography of an artist’s life.” (Hamburger Abendblatt, 22 December 2011)


“A gripping portrait of a singer who wasn’t allowed to be what she wanted to be and who was destroyed in consequence.” (Oliver Schlappat, WAZ, 12 November 2011)


“A wonderful memorial.” (na presseportal, 28 October 2011)


“A rediscovery that is long overdue.” (Hans Hielscher, Spiegel online, 29 October 2011)


“A moving portrait of a great German jazz singer who continues to be misunderstood.” (Kino News, 5 November 2011)


“There is much to praise in this living portrait: a worthwhile rediscovery.” (Andreas Körner, Sächsische Zeitung, 27 October 2011)


“A magnificent documentary – definitely worth seeing.” (Mittelbayerische Zeitung, 13 December 2011)


“It is clear from every minute of this film that Marc Boettcher was eager to make an ambitious documentary designed to prevent us from forgetting the past. The result is two hours that fly past and that make one look forward to a CD of Inge Brandenburg, with her dark-toned, multifaceted voice.” (Anne Daun, Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten, 27 October 2011)


“A two-hour documentary portrait.” (Tobias Heimbach, Kino blog, 11 October 2011)


“An emotionally charged tribute to a great voice with a wonderful swing to it.” (, 21 November 2011)


“A voice of gold. With the help of film footage, photographs and recordings as well as interviews with some of the people who knew her, Boettcher traces in meticulous detail the singer’s life and career, sensibly giving most of the space to performances that provide us with fascinating evidence that here is a world-class performer who has fallen into total neglect. Well worth seeing!” (Lars Penning, Tip Berlin, 23/2011)


“The film is convincing not just because of its content but also on account of its unobtrusive design. Even if it may not seem appropriate in the light of its tragic content, this moving film none the less guarantees a rewarding evening in the cinema and is eminently capable of contributing afterwards to thoughtful conversations.” (, Blog, 26 October 2011)


“A powerful, honest portrait that works well. […] On seeing the film, the viewer is bound to feel a sense of furious disappointment. Sing! Inge, Sing! is a belated re-examination of the story of a central representative of the West German female jazz scene, a story that lies hidden beneath a thick layer of dust. Boettcher sweeps the dust away, reassembling almost forgotten sections that turn the film into both a sensitive portrait and a piece of history. Perhaps the age is finally ready for Inge Brandenburg.” (Nina Breher, Aviva Magazine for Women, October 2011)


“There are treasures that simply have to be brought to light. With her extraordinary voice, the jazz singer Inge Brandenburg is undoubtedly one of them. This gripping documentary includes interviews with leading figures from the world of German jazz, but its crowning glory comes in the form of the singer’s own appearances.” (Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck, 3 November 2011)


“The rediscovery of a woman who knew how to use her magnificent voice to virtuoso effect and who created some surprising interpretations – in a word, here is arguably the finest female jazz singer that Germany has ever produced.” (Jan Gympel, zitty Berlin, 28 October 2011)


“A musical treasure and at the same time a human tragedy.” (Abgedreht – InforadioRBB, 27 October 2011)


“A detailed and gripping portrait. Even the archival footage in which Inge Brandenburg appears as a jazz singer must leave today’s music lovers in a state of despair at the world and at the Germany of the 1960s. Here is an exceptionally talented artist who, although recognized, was treated with astonishing ignorance. Quite apart from its biographical aspects, Sing! Inge, Sing! provides us with an altogether magnificent insight into the German jazz scene of the time. Well worth seeing!” (cinetrend, 5 November 2011)


“A sensitive portrait from the hand of an expert and impressive evidence of all that was so fascinating about Inge Brandenburg and her style of singing – and why she was indeed one of the finest jazz singers that Germany has ever produced.” (Jazzpodium, October 2011)

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